Top 10 Ways to Join the MDG Movement

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GCC students campaigning for the MDGs

Last week, we took a look at the interconnectedness of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Adopted by the UN in 2000, these goals set a visionary path to better, more equitable future. If that blog post left you feeling slightly overwhelmed by the magnitude of these global goals, have no fear. Global Concerns Classroom has outlined 10 ways you can make an impact right away.

Eight tips are specific to a certain Millennium Development Goal, while the last two are overarching ways to get join the movement.  If you have more suggestions, leave us a comment or tweet us your thoughts!

  1. Join the Empty Plate Campaign – Did you know that on average, a person wastes 14% of their food every day?  Even if we took 5% of that global amount, we could feed four million hungry people.  By joining Concern’s Empty Plate Campaign and donating the cost of a meal or snack, you can help Concern work to achieve MDG #1 – eradicating extreme hunger and poverty.
  2. Create a Campaign – Educate others on the importance of education.  Check out The Girl Effect videos and fact sheets to learn more about the impact of educating a female.  Create posters (like this GCC student) to hang in your school to spread awareness among your peers.
  3. Fund a Microfinance Loan – To work towards MDG #3, Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women, consider supporting a woman through a microfinance loan.  Organizations like Concern and Kiva use loans to help women launch their own small business, which can help them escape the cycle of poverty or give them a greater voice in their community.  Because the loans are small, you can host a bake sale or car wash, or other 1 day fundraiser, and raise enough!
  4. Organize a Water Walk – Unsafe and unclean drinking water account for the large majority of preventable childhood deaths.  To raise awareness about this avoidable problem, host a water walk at your school!  Have people sponsor you for every block you walk carrying to full (and heavy!) just of water.  For more info, check out Trevor Day School’s walk in 2010! We can help you plan your own water walk!
  5. Read – Check to see if your library or local bookstore has Cutting for Stone, a novel by Abraham Verghese that deals with MDG #5 – improving maternal health.  Although fiction, this book beautifully illustrates Ethiopian culture while delving into a medical crisis that plagues many mothers in developing countries – fistula.  You can learn more about this preventable and treatable condition here.
  6. Commemorate World AIDS Day – On December 1st, pass out red ribbons at your school and set up a table with educational resources about HIV/AIDS.  Copies of our Focus on Uganda guide can be found here and we can provide you with materials to distribute.
  7. Challenge yourself! – First, take this interactive quiz to determine your daily carbon footprint.  Challenge yourself to make small changes to your usual return to lessen your wear and tear on the Earth.
  8. Spread the Inspiration – The Millennium Development Goals are a global commitment.  To show your solidarity with nations around the world, inspire your peers to join the movement.  Hang a banner in your school and have students and teachers sign it to demonstrate their willingness to join the fight against poverty.
  9. Host a Global Summit Workshop – Whether you’re an educator or a student, we invite you to host a Global Summit on the Millennium Development Goals in your school.  This interactive workshop will encourage participants to think critically about the global challenges that exist in achieving the goals and develop innovative solutions to accomplish them by 2015.  The guide to host this event is free – contact us today to get started!
  10. Examine your own community@techsavvyed recommends that you find charity in your community whose goals align with the MDGs.  Is there hunger in your hometown? Contact the local food bank. Are literacy rates low? Check into youth reading programs at your local library.  You don’t need to travel halfway across the globe to make an impact!

**For more information on how Concern is working to meet the Millennium Development Goals, check out this guide!

**Want to make achieving the Millennium Development Goals a part of your daily routine?  Take a look at this list to see how you can get involved!

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